About Us

About Us

We are blessed to call Fort Collins, Colorado our home.  Our goal is to create products for all of the adventures that life may call you to - camping, climbing a 14er, or maybe just relaxing by a river.  We want these products to be durable, easy to clean, and also enhance whatever beverage you choose to consume. Thank you for investing in our products and we hope that you are able to slow down, fully savor life and enjoy everyday moments, wherever your journey may take you. 

Summit Legacy

To live life with wonder and awe and enjoy all of the adventures that you encounter, even the ones that challenge you and push you beyond your limits as you continue to climb towards your destination.  The goal isn't always about reaching the summit but what we learn along the way. When we are challenged, we become who we were created to be.

Most people think of a legacy as physical things that we leave behind.  Legacy is our story.  How we live our life and how we complete the work that has been set out before us. The impact that we have on others, those that we love, and the people we have yet to meet, in a way that is positive, encouraging and motivating.  We are connected through our stories.